Free Activities To Fill Your Time During Winter Break

By: Vanessa Lei

With 2 weeks of winter break coming, Galileo students who don’t have much money in their wallets may be looking for something fun and affordable to do with their friends. What many students may not know is that around the big city of San Francisco are many fun locations to wander to see, free of charge.


Art lovers who have a student ID can visit the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art for free! You have to be eighteen years of age and younger to explore the beautiful museum. The sleek gallery shows contemporary and modern paintings, photographs, and medias that are photo worthy.



In the middle of Corona Heights Park, the Randall Museum displays wild-animal exhibits and participate in hands on experiences on science and the arts. You can even pet shy, friendly, furry animals like rabbits, guinea pigs, and chickens. Available to all ages and free admission, the Randall Museum is actually a place for more than a hundred animals who can’t stay in the wild anymore.


The San Francisco Botanical Garden is free for residents and includes a wide urban oasis of thousands of plants from around the world. The garden is known for the attractive and diverse botanical collections. With the unique climate in San Francisco, the plants that are adapted to the weathers in countries all over the world are also able to grow in the city.


The new terminal located right beside the tallest building in San Francisco is a public place to travel and even relax. Salesforce Transit Center holds a beautiful park on the rooftop which is accessible to anyone. Kids may play the board games provided by the terminal or play on the small playground. Adults can dance on the dance floor and enjoy yoga on a nice day. Right below the park is where the buses arrive and depart to cities in California. The modern tower welcomes anyone with the most advanced transportation center in San Francisco.


You are able to freely walk right into the Cable Car Museum in the Nob Hill neighborhood, where it holds one of the oldest transportations from 1873. The historic museum was established in 1974, holding all the huge engines and winding wheels that pull the cable in the car.



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