League of Legends Go Competitive

Placing in the top 50 out 300 teams, the GHSLIMES (Galileo High School Limes) showed strongly in their 1st tournament, a League of Legends Tournament, hosted by the HSEL (High School E-Sports League) which ran from mid-September until December (for the Galileo team – the actual tournament has not ended yet).

The team was formed out of the League of Legends club at Galileo, in order to try and gain more notoriety at Galileo.

The vice president, senior Sean W. says “we want to bring home the trophy to Galileo, display it in the trophy case in the main hallway so we can gain more exposure and stay relevant.”

The team paid a $27 tournament fee to enter and compete once a week, beating 12 teams in the process. The team was led by a captain, Brandon L., a senior, playing a 5v5 style with the team having 5 main players and 5 substitutes. Sean said, “We were probably the best team in the tournament up until playoffs.”

Inspired by playing in this past tournament, the Limes hope to be able to host their own tournaments with only a $2 entry fee in the spring. Those matches are planned to be held in a 1v1 style. The prize will be $20 to whoever comes in 1st place.

In addition to holding the tournament, another way the team hopes to raise more money is selling their League of Legends hoodies and fundraisers and food fest. The team also makes money from streaming because they are affiliated with HSEL, they automatically have a partnered Twitch account where the team is planning to stream their solo cue and tournaments. The team estimates that they will be earning about $20 a stream plus donations if they receive any.

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