Staff Editorial: What I’ll Remember from Fall Semester

Maraljin G.

(L-R) Maraljin, Nia, Albert

In my senior year I decided to take a Statistics class since I will be majoring in business in college. I thought I’d have one of the “usual” math teachers, but when I saw that Mr. Miller was my teacher for statistics, I was confused. On the first day of class, everything seemed normal but I quickly realized that this was his first year teaching Statistics. It was really difficult to be in his class because there was no structure as well as barely any teaching happening in the first half of the semester. This worried me in how I would perform in his class and what my grade would be. A lot of other students had the same issues with him and some, including me, even went to counselors to talk about the problem. But the second half of the semester, things changed. Mr. Miller started to teach more and I improved in my learning. Even though our class had a rough start, I am thankful to Mr. Miller for doing his best and keeping his students best interest in mind.

Nia M.

In my Junior year, I decided to finally join Song & Yell. I decided to join my junior year because during my freshman and sophomore year, there didn’t seem to be a lot of school spirit; not a

 lot of people participated, and the dances were terrible. But, this year our class had more school spirit; they put time and effort into the dances to make them look pretty good. After we performed, the judges announced that the juniors came in third place. It made me kind of upset because I thought that our performance could’ve put us in second place, but our skit was kind of trash. Joining Song & Yell was a memory I won’t forget this semester because it was a fun and nerve wracking experience to perform in front of the whole school; and I can’t wait to do it during my senior year.

Albert L. – “The Chick-Fil-A Dream Night”

My most memorable moment of this semester was when I went on a drive with a friend. Where? We drove an hour to go to the nearest Chick-Fil- A and get some boba. It happened one Saturday after I finished all my homework for the weekend and realized I could take the car out. See I had no one in mind to drive with, but then I realized that I asked my friend Shadiah if we could go get Chick-Fil-A together. Shadiah wasn’t some random acquaintance, she was this girl who just seemed different. I felt a different connection with her. She was this girl that I seemed to click with so easily. Before this, we talked and we thought of a few places to hangout the next time we were both free. Back to Chick-Fil-A, Shadiah and I were having a good time. I never knew that Chick-Fil-A had chicken like that, like it was the best Chicken I had ever in my life. It was just us, no phones, no distractions, best night ever.


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