Staff Editorial: What I’ll Remember From Fall Semester


Max Miles – “Life Lessons from Journalism Class”

(L-R) Cybastian D., Max M., and Kelly P.

Senior year has opened many opportunities for me. From college applications, to the stresses of completing new assignments the day before it’s due. Journalism, in many ways, allows me to view the world from different perspectives that I have never seen before. It allows me to view different situations more sensitively, for example, in the first semester we were put into groups to figure out our first story. It was rough, constantly trying to brainstorm ideas to post as our story but, It did teach me something valuable… team work. Not many times in life you can survive by yourself, I have learned that having people to count on goes along way in order to find happiness. That is what I have learned in my first semester.

Cybastian Dilinila- “Food-Trips Bonding Friendships”

This first semester of senior year has opened my eyes to many opportunities that I never had during my first 3  years. One particular memory included my times being with my friends and our food trips with each other. Our food trips to In-n- Out, Chipotle, BurgerMeister, Super Duper, Round Table, brought us closer together and strengthened our friendship. It brightens my day knowing that I have such a strong bond with my friends and how we will always have each other’s back. My friends allowed me to visit places where I would’ve never been thought about going to in my first 3 years of high school.

 Kelly Phung- “The Late Night Artist”

 Something that I’ll remember from my last first semester of senior year is when I procrastinated on working on painting a sunflower for my art class. I had to turn 3 pieces the next day, but this sunflower one was just so hard to start. I somehow managed to pull an all-nighter, with only 3 hours of sleep, waking up at 3 am to start painting. I think painting is really hard for me, because it’s hard to erase or take away my mistakes when I’m kind of a perfectionist. While I stayed up painting, at the same time worrying about how much I was gonna mess up, I ended up enjoying my time in the early morning because it was quiet and peaceful, even though I was breathing in so much bad air from the wildfires.

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