Staff Editorial: What I’ll Remember From Fall Semester


MATTHEW T. – “A Football Lesson to Remember”

(L -R) Leo, Antonio, Matthew, Kevin

One thing I will never forget this semester is the football season. Although the season was short, it taught me the most out of the 2 years I’ve played. Playing on the varsity level taught me maturity and patience as I played alongside the seniors. The seniors played a great role as they mentored me throughout the season. They taught me discipline, self-confidence, and leadership. The saddest part was seeing the seniors breakdown as their last game ended in a loss. I then realized that next year would be my last year of high school. As a result, I am determined to step up next year to lead the team to a championship.

KEVIN S. – “Enter The RINGDOM”

Mr. Ring is an interactive and passionate teacher for one of the hardest subjects at Galileo, Calculus. While the subject may be boring, he makes it interesting with his quirky personality. He makes jokes about Mr. Page, English teachers, and his own baldness. In my class, there is a student named Harry and he jokes “Oh you’re hairy and I’m not.”  Although these jokes are very corny, it makes me want to go to the class not only to learn but also to enjoy his charismatic characteristics. He has made it so I actually come to school every day on time.

LEO L. – “My Last Football Season With Galileo”

One thing I will remember from my first semester of senior year is my last football season with Galileo. Coming off winning a state championship, we were ready to come back and win again. A lot of us were returners from that historic season and knew what we had to do to come back. As the season started, we were confident in our game and were ready to dominate the AAA. After the first couple of games, we lost a lot of players to injuries and hopes started to decline. After losing to Lincoln in the regular season, a fire reignited in us and we were not going to lose again this season. The only problem was that a forfeit from Washington and smoke in the air for 2 weeks soon extinguished that flame. We made it into playoffs and were set to face Mission at home. After not practicing for about month, we came into the game rusty and unprepared for the game. Even though my last season playing football for Galileo ended with a loss, I am still proud of my team and the journey I made with them for over 4 years.

ANTONIO H. – “The Football Life”

One thing that I am going to miss from this semester will be the football season; all the long practices, the running, the games, but most of all, the memories we created throughout the season. I will always remember all my coaches because they helped me develop not only as a player but as a person. I’ll also remember all the push-ups we had to do for cussing, and all those long practices because we needed to get better, but also had fun while doing it. I will miss football at Galileo but it will always be a part of me. These past four years were the best, but this semester was the last time I’ll step on the football field with a Galileo football jersey on and play alongside with my teammates whom I consider my family and my brothers.

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