Staff Editorial: What I’ll Remember From Fall Semester


WENDY Y. – “Ice Skating in the Rain”

(L-R) Juan, Wendy, Dustin, Ryan

On a dark and rainy Sunday, I was working at the Civic Center Winter Park, an ice rink. We did not have any customers as it was pouring rain. My coworkers and I decided to put the absence of customers into use. We decided to ice skate. We tied up our shoelaces and walked to the ice rink, with the only protection from the rain being a measly plastic poncho. We skated for about an hour, whilst playing games such as racing and laughing at each other’s falls. My friend, which was one of the rink hosts, taught me how to skate faster. I tried to follow his directions on how to properly skate faster such as widening the angles that I make when taking the next step, but because the ice was so slippery due to the rain and because I never mastered ice skating in general, I slipped and fell. Even though the fall hurt, I got up with the help of my friend and continued on pursuing to reach a faster rate while skating. We left the ice rink, drenched in water, shivering because of the cold, but had bright smiles on our face. Even though I got sick, skating in the rain was worth because I got to spend with my coworkers whom I do not see outside of work. It broke the ice between our interactions, and we became friendly and caring about each other.

DUSTIN Z. – “Field Trips Make Me Learn”

I learned a lot in my marketing class where my teacher would bring in a guest speaker and talk about what is like to have a career in the business world. They would give us a chance to ask questions about themselves or something about marketing. We go on field trips and visit companies that are in the business industries. Not a lot of teachers let us go on field trips because it is our senior year and this class allow me to explore things outside of class. I would like to thank Ms. Kapchan for allowing me to grow as a student and explore a new aspect of my future career.

JUAN H. – “UNO Addicts Get UNO Banned in Class”

“UNO” was the best part of my semester. Whenever I was bored in class my buddy would take out her “UNO” cards and we would play. It was very fun and competitive. We would always get in trouble for being too loud, but we played anyway and it added to the excitement. “UNO” eventually got banned from my class but the memories will stay with me forever.

RYAN H. – “Making 7 Three’s to Help Beat Jefferson”

My fondest moment this semester has been doing something many other Galileo Varsity Basketball teams have not done in the past, which was to beat Jefferson in the Blue and Gold Tournament. During the game, we were all fired up and wanted to get revenge after all the years they have beaten us. At the beginning of the game, we got off to slow start, but with the help of my team, in the end, I ended up shooting a personal best 7-13 from the three-point line, and we pulled out our first win against Jefferson in my high school career. It felt amazing to be able to make that many 3-pointers.  It felt like the ball was going in right after I shot it. Not only was it a personal success, but it also showed what our team was capable of if we give it our all and played hard.

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