Staff Editorial: What I’ll Remember From Fall Semester

Sean Q. – “The Truth about Friendships”

(L-R) Cody T., Sean Q., and Kamieya B.

I’ve dealt with many friendships, but this semester was the most difficult for me to deal with them. With College Applications and AP classes ingrained in my memory of priorities during this semester, I cut out so many people. Friendships are hard to maintain; people expect so much from you and you expect so much from others. If I was able to turn back time, I would definitely take advantage and change the way I reacted to my friends. Instead of exacerbating my stress, I should have brushed my problems off. At the same time, not everything was entirely my fault; some of my ex-friends have done me dirty too. Senior year is the year you start to realize who your real friends are-I definitely realize who mine are. Knowing my priorities, my standards are set to who respect them, and I’m now more aware and selective with who I want to hang out with in 2019.

Kamieya B. – “Saturday Class Positives”

One of the greatest memories I have about this semester is the college class I got to take through Health academy. The class last year was about Medical Terminology, and this year was about EMT. We had Saturday classes once a month for 3 months in a row and I thought that I was gonna hate it, but I loved it. All of the classes were exciting in their own way; we learned how to check blood pressure, give oxygen, and do a trauma assessment, but the best part of the class is taking it with friends and listening to their take on it. But the biggest thing that I’ll take from that class is how I have learned to have a conversation with a person without sounding sarcastic.

Cody T. – “Hitting the Books to Getting Hit with the Books”

Throughout high school, my fall semester of senior year has been the most stressful time I have dealt with. From being in ASB, a Youth Outreach Worker at the Wellness Center, having a paid job outside of school, and taking AP courses, I was challenged to keep my grades up with college applications on my plate as well as maintaining a healthy lifestyle. From this experience, I learned you should do what you have passion for instead of what you think colleges want to see. Having said that, you should cherish the time you have in high school with those around. Your grades don’t mean everything, so don’t fret if you have a C in a class and make sure you get the sleep you need.

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