Staff Editorial: What I’ll Remembered From Fall Semester

Michelle Lee – “AP Procrastinator”

(L-R) Recinos, Ly, Lee

In my senior year, I decided to take AP Environmental Science to be more involved with animals and nature. Most of the assignments assigned weren’t due until the next week. During the first month of the class, I took the time for granted since the teacher was rarely in class, and we had substitutes grading our work. I thought that the substitute wouldn’t be so strict on our grades, therefore, I’d ended up procrastinating and not putting enough effort on my projects and getting a lower grade than expected. Not wanting to accept the grade, I’d ask for opportunities to boost my grade. Now, I start on my assignments the night the work is assigned, so I can put more effort into it and not stress about it the night before.


Michelle Ly – “Procrastination Brings Stress” 

Going into this semester, I thought I have changed. I thought I would stop procrastinating, but that was not the case. My procrastination has gotten the best of me. I have started finishing my homework in the mornings. As of now I am trying my best to work on it, so I will stressless about finishing it the next morning. I have now realized that procrastination will always be a part of my life.


Gabriel Recinos – “Don’t Read to Underachieve”

Many things have changed from freshman year to senior year, like all my freshman year teachers don’t even teach here anymore. This past semester in particular stands out because of my European Literature class. This class stands out because of how many times I have bounced around with my grade. I went from an A to a B to an F and kept constantly bouncing around because I didn’t read the assigned literature. I learned the hard way that if a teacher says to read the book then you better go read it. Although I have managed not to read a book for class the past 3 years Including summer reading, class books, and SSR this habit almost ended up costing me graduating on time.

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