7 Day Challenge: Drinking 32oz of Kale Juice

By Gabriel Recinos

For my 7 day challenge I wanted to do something beneficial for my health, so I decided to do a kale juice challenge, since I’ve heard kale juice is very healthy. My kale juice consisted of Kale, Raspberry, Green Apple slices, and a hint of lemon. I blended the ingredients up every night and drank 2 16oz bottles every night. I didn’t have the highest expectations of myself going into the challenge. I predicted I would only make it 4 days, and I was also scared of the effects of drinking that much kale juice in a day, like having diarrhea from so much kale juice.

The first time I drank it, after that long hassal of just making it, it tasted good at first. It had that lime and green apple blend that I like, but then came the kale flavor, which messed up the flavor entirely. Trying to deal with the bitter taste of the kale let me know that this was going to be a tough 7 days.

After 4 days of drinking kale juice, I haven’t felt great. I’ve been feeling very queasy after drinking the juice, but to feel better, I go and lie down and try to relax. I did not get diarrhea, but I always wake up feeling horrible. Also making it is a pain, and I ran out of kale so I had to go buy some more at a very inopportune time because it was the only time I really had to go buy it.

The morning of my 5th day, after drinking kale juice last night, I woke up late and the horrible feeling was present but stronger then ever.  I considered staying home but I remembered I had work after school and can’t miss that. I decided that if I didn’t feel any better after today, I might throw in the towel.

I never made it through my 5th day because I became very sick and went to the emergency room. I was told that I got influenza and missed school for 3 days while recovering. They don’t know exactly how I got influenza, maybe it was from not washing the vegetables. In conclusion I will never do something like this again. Sure, the kale juice was healthy, but to be sick and healthy, is something I’m not okay with. And I never wanna see kale ever in my life again.

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