7 Day Challenge: Salad for Dinner

My 7 day challenge was to eat salad without dressing for dinner every night for 7 days. I chose to eat salad for my challenge because I’m trying to eat healthier and practice a lifestyle of healthy eating, especially after eating out everyday over winter break. My family is always telling me that salad is healthy, and that I should eat it since I don’t eat enough vegetables.

During winter break when I went out for dinner with family, my cousins always ordered salad and I wouldn’t eat it. They told me that one day I’d learn to appreciate salad, so I chose to eat salad as a challenge because I wanted to stay more healthy since I’m always eating fried food. Heading into the challenge, I expected to feel healthier, and less groggy, which is how I usually feel after eating food at  In-n-Out or chips.

I personally never liked eating salad before because it taste bland and has a weird texture, since it’s cold. I knew this would be a challenge to eat it every night for a week, especially without dressing. When I asked my mom to take me to Trader Joe’s to buy salad, she was confused why because my family and friends all know I dislike eating salad. When I told my friends about the challenge, they all assumed that I would fail and not be able to finish it.

I started off eating Cesar salad because it’s the most basic one, but I realized it was too bland for my taste, and it would take me awhile to finish it. I had to add more croutons and ate a few pieces of each lettuce with a crouton. Then I tried the “Trader Joe’s Field Fresh Chopped Salad with Grilled Chicken” and “Trader Joe’s Salad with BBQ Flavored Chicken” because I noticed there was a lot more ingredients with chicken and cheese, which I like. With a mixture of chicken, cheese, corn, and other ingredients, the salad overall had more taste than just the lettuce and croutons from the Cesar salad.

On the third night of the challenge, I started adding dressing in my salad for taste. After eating salad for a few nights with dressing, I didn’t add as many croutons and it didn’t take as long to finish it since I was getting use to it more. However, I also noticed I wasn’t completely full and still hungry throughout the night. So while trying to stay healthy, I ate a lot of fruits after the salad in order to fill my stomach before I slept.

Halfway through the challenge I felt disgusted just from looking at salad. But I forced myself to eat it telling myself that it’ll be worth it at the end of the week. On the last day of the challenge, I would say it was worth it because I noticed I lost a few pounds which makes me feel like I’m healthier. I’m also starting to actually like and enjoy salad, especially if it includes meat and cheese.

Overall, I realized that if I’m dedicated in doing something, I will do it, no matter how difficult it is. I learned to appreciate and enjoy salad a bit which I will try to eat once a week to feel more healthy. But from now on, I will not be eating salad every night because eating it every night for a week was a  horrible experience.


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