7 Day Challenge: Juice Cleanse

A new year brings new year’s resolutions, and the Galileo Press staff wanted to take the opportunity of a fresh start to take on a 7-day challenge. The challenges were meant to break them out of their comfort zones or try something new in order to better themselves. Here’s how Cybastian’s challenge went:

Written by Cybastian D.

For my 7 day challenge for journalism, Mr. Lee challenged us to push the boundaries of our normal lifestyles and to choose something that you wouldn’t normally do on a regular basis. That got me thinking what if I could use this challenge as an opportunity to better myself health wise. So I brainstormed for the best ideas to be healthier and incorporate it into a challenge and decided on committing to drinking only Pressed Juicery’s juice cleanse for a whole week and to drink only with almost NO FOOD! Pressed Juicery came out with this bright idea of creating a juice cleanse that incorporates their highly effective cold pressed juice with vital vitamins and nutrients to essential boost your metabolism and to flush out all the toxins in your body.

Going into the challenge I thought it was going to be pretty easy, considering that its simply juice and the fact that they came in all different colors which I found very appealing, but not everything was sunshine and rainbows. However, my expectations and actually doing the cleanse were very different. From the first day, I seriously considered forfeiting the whole challenge since I wasn’t allowed to eat anything except for some almonds and some cucumber slices. I questioned if it was really worth losing a couple pounds in exchange for my happiness. I really didn’t know if was was going to be able to continue, and I was really close to tap out during my fifth drink of the first day. But people around me kept me motivated, and especially my sister, who said, “a little bit of pain for the greater good”.

As for the drinks themselves, I received 6 different drinks everyday, which I was supposed to drink every few hours. 1 drink was supposed to replace a meal, and the other drinks were in-between meals. While most of the drinks tasted pretty good, one of the drinks, the one with Roots products, all contained ginger as the key ingredient. Every time I drank one of these products I had a cucumber handy on standby so I could take a bite out of it to chase the spicy aftertaste of the ginger. These drinks tasted disgusting.

Every other juice though was surprisingly pleasant and all were under 300 calories. Normally I would consume upwards of 1500-2000 calories, but because of the strict juice regiment I was cutting it down to 600 calories a day. That was a major jump from my previous lifestyle.

While the pros of the juice cleanse were promising, only consuming juice day after day really took a toll on me as my motivation to doing things dropped drastically, my usual happy and energetic self was basically nonexistent since I usually food is  my main motivation as a way to perk me up.

But as the week went on, surprisingly, things became more and more manageable as the drinks became more of an activity and less as a chore, and towards the end I even saw myself looking forward to drinking the juices. As the challenge ended, I actually saw it as a bittersweet moment since I knew I’d be able to eat food again, but I was proud I got through my challenge, and I lost a total of 7 pounds.

I’ve learned a lot about myself going through with this 7-day juice cleanse. I saw how I would often overeat and go over my daily calorie intake, and how it really had a negative effect on my body. I usually shrugged off the whole daily recommended calorie intake and didn’t really take it that seriously, but as I went on with the challenge I saw how I could survive off of 600-700 calories a day and in the process lose weight as a added bonus. Sure it was a tough obstacle to overcome, but I was able to trudge through and I saw how strong I really am both physically and mentally by doing something different and completely out of my comfort zone.

The challenge also sparked some new habits of mine, where even though the challenge was already over, I willingly incorporated some of Pressed Juicery’s juices in my daily lifestyle. I’ve basically replaced my brunch and my dinner with one of Pressed Juicery’s juices so that I could not only take fewer calories, but feel really good that I’ve changed my habits for the better.

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