7 Day Challenge : No Netflix for A Week

A new year brings new year’s resolutions, and the Galileopress staff wanted to take the opportunity of a fresh start to take on a 7-day challenge. The challenges were meant to break them out of their comfort zones or try something new in order to better themselves. Here’s how it went:

By: Kevin S

Coming home after basketball practice or games it’s hard to have the motivation to do homework which leads to me doing it last minute or even forgetting about it in general. Instead of homework, I usually turn to watching Netflix or Hulu to relax. In order to try and build some better habits, for my 7-day challenge I chose to challenge myself and not use Netflix or Hulu for a week, as I typically watch about 4 hours every school night and more on the weekends. I usually watch shows like Narcos, Naruto, and Black Mirror as they keep me entertained and after each episode, I get a break to go grab snacks whereas if it’s a movie it’s harder to replenish on snacks.

Doing this challenge, I expected to get more homework done, get more sleep, and hang out with more people. While I know there are benefits to not watching, I also expected this challenge to be difficult if I am home since it’ll be very tempting to watch something while I’m bored.

Over the first few days, it was very tempting to go and watch Netflix or Hulu while I was at home, so I had to find other things to do at home to pass the time because it was still too early to sleep. I hung out with my parents and I watched television with them before my dad left for work at night. The first night I was with them they questioned me why I was with them, instead of being upstairs in my room. Besides being with my family I decided to finish my homework at home rather than during my T.A. period or later in the night.

As the week went on, I eventually got used to not having Netflix. I spent more time with friends and family rather than being isolated in my room most of the time. I was able to get my assignments done on time and I got to hang out with people I don’t normally hang out with. I was able to go to a Warriors game with some of my friends and I got to hang out with another friend that I haven’t seen since over summer break.

After the challenge was finished I didn’t realize it until someone had reminded me because I had adjusted already, so I wasn’t aware that I could go back and start watching. Over the week my sleep schedule was also back to normal as it was ruined over winter break. With this challenge, I learned that once I adjust to something and get through that initial withdrawal it’s easier for me to move on. I also was able to get homework done at a reasonable time rather than stressing out doing it in class or when I’m already half asleep. Moving on from the challenge, I feel like I can change some of my habits and do my homework before watching Netflix in order to finish out my senior year.


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