7 Day Challenge : Running 3 Miles A Day

A new year brings new year’s resolutions, and the Galileopress staff wanted to take the opportunity of a fresh start to take on a 7-day challenge. The challenges were meant to break them out of their comfort zones or try something new in order to better themselves. Here’s how it went:

By : Leo L.

My 7-day challenge was to run 3 miles every day. I decided to make this my challenge because I wanted to challenge myself as an athlete. While I play both baseball and football, I don’t really run outside of practice and I felt like this was a way to help me become a better athlete. I decided to run 3 miles as a way to improve my stamina. I think that at the end of the challenge, my mile time is going to improve and that my stamina is going to get better. Running is something that I enjoy from time to time, but outside of conditioning in practice, I’ve never run multiple days in a row.  

The hardest part about the challenge is the distance. 3 miles is about 5290 yards, and during football season, I would only run about 2000 yards, so this challenge is really going to push me as a way to stay in shape. The first 3 days I ran around the football field 59 times using my phone as a way to track how far I ran, while the rest of the challenge I ran on a treadmill at the YMCA.

The first couple of days were definitely the worst; I couldn’t finish the 3 miles without walking or taking a break. While running I felt like I was going to die and wanted to stop the whole time. I was so tired and sore, and I couldn’t feel my legs. Don’t get me started on trying to stand up. I would get home and go to sleep immediately, and I could barely sit down.

After the third day of running though I think I crossed a barrier as  I started feeling less tired and my body must have gotten used to all the running as I wasn’t nearly as sore. I also started to need fewer breaks and by the 6th day, I was running 3 miles in 20 minutes, a decrease from my original 30 minutes. I was also less fatigued by all the running and felt more energetic.

After all the running I felt more healthy and in shape. Something I learned about myself through the running is that I can always become better even if it doesn’t seem like it in the beginning. Running every day is something I think I’m going to continue, just not 3 miles because that is going to become too much for me once baseball starts.

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