7 Day Challenge: Less Shower Time

A new year brings new year’s resolutions, and the Galileopress staff wanted to take the opportunity of a fresh start to take on a 7-day challenge. The challenges were meant to break them out of their comfort zones or to try something new in order to better themselves. Here’s how it went:

Every night, I spend around an hour in the bathroom showering and playing on my phone, which is a huge hindrance to my family, as I get knocks on the door telling me to hurry up in the bathroom. Spending an overwhelming amount of time in the bathroom, I challenged myself to shorten the time down by more than half. I spend a lot of time showering because I love the feeling of hot drops of water on my back while I exercise my vocals. I figured it was time to make a change; I need to start saving water and stop spending so much time on my phone. I’m not too sure of what I expect, other than feeling uncomfortable, because I usually spend most of my time in the bathroom looking at my phone.

On the first day of stepping outside of my comfort zone, getting out of the shower ten minutes earlier was extremely difficult. When I shower, I have a playlist that consists of five to seven songs to play-. After those songs end, I know it’s time to get out of the shower. I cut those songs down to half; after three songs ended, I forced myself to step out (of course, all while getting cleaned up too). The time spent with having a towel around my waist went from too long to five minutes- it was uncomfortable not being able to cool off.

My parents did not really notice that I cut my bathroom time by more than half. But, the good news is that I didn’t have knocks on the bathroom door. Adapting to this was definitely a stretch because I always use the bathroom for a whole hour, and not being able to use that amount of time in the bathroom was really different and discomforting.

Throughout the week, I have focused on trying to reduce my time spent in the bathroom to twenty minutes. Twelve minutes to shower and eight minutes to dry off. After a few days of adapting to this new time-limit, I got used to it. It didn’t necessarily feel normal, but it did feel like a new start to a different routine.

At the end of this challenge, I have realized that after all this time, I can get out the shower way earlier and save water. My challenge was actually really helpful. I sure did learn that I was just too lazy to get out of the bathroom. To my benefits, my fingers stopped getting wrinkly, as opposed to before, where all my fingers would dry up after showering for a long time. My time spent in the bathroom has never been more efficient.

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