7 Day Challenge: Listening To The Same Song

A new year brings new year’s resolutions, and the Galileopress staff wanted to take the opportunity of a fresh start to take on a 7-day challenge. The challenges were meant to break them out of their comfort zones or try something new in order to better themselves. Here’s how it went:

By: Matthew T.

For my 7 day challenge, I decided to challenge myself by listening to one song only for 7 days straight. I came across this challenge because I’ve seen people listening to the same song nonstop for 24 hours on YouTube videos and I wanted to bump it up a notch by listening to only one song for a week.

I expected this challenge to be hard because I thought it would be the same concept as the “Chinese Water Torture” where water is repetitively dropped on your forehead. I feared the song might annoy me to the point where I would go insane.

The song I chose to listen to was “New Patek” by Lil Uzi. I picked this song because I always hated this song and I wanted to make the challenge harder for myself. I hate the song because it’s the type of song that repeats the same lyrics and beat for 6 minutes straight.

Typically I listen to music most of the day. I listen throughout the school day; in the hallways, during lunch, and during class. I also listen after school, while I workout, and on the ride back home from school. I would estimate that I listen to music for at least 10 hours a day.

The first few days of the challenge were horrible because I couldn’t stand listening to a song I hated blasting in my ear for 10 hours straight every day.

Another reason it was horrible is that I would have the song stuck in my head during class because the song was repetitive with a catchy beat. I was constantly humming in class and I’m sure I had the whole song memorized by the 4th day.  Sometimes I just felt like turning the song completely off. Having the song stuck in my head, I would wake up humming the song while getting ready for school. During class, I would always bob my head and fall out of focus when my teachers were talking.

The only good thing would be if I was assigned an assignment and had classmates trying to distract me, then I’d turn the song up in order to block out all the noise in the background.

By the end of the challenge, I still hated the song, but I appreciate the art of music more because after listening to the song nonstop, I was able to spot out all the different elements that made up the beat, and I thought that was a pretty cool experience.

The final days of the challenge were the best days, I was getting used to the song just playing in the background while I did daily tasks like washing the dishes and doing homework. After I got used to the song, it didn’t affect me at all. I was able to ignore the song as if it wasn’t even there. On the final day, I fell asleep while listening to the song on the bus.

After the challenge, I definitely won’t miss the song at all. And every other song I listen to now, I enjoy a lot more.

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