7 Day Challenge: No Boba For A Week

By Vanessa Lei

For my 7 day challenge, I chose to go on a boba free diet because I am addicted to the trendy boba drinks. I decided to quit drinking boba for a week because I work at a bubble tea shop, meaning that I’m always accessible to unlimited drinks we serve there. Not only do I drink boba while I’m working, but I buy it almost every time I hang out with a friend. I would say that I drink a boba 3-4 times a week.

My love for boba is indefinite so this was a real challenge for me to undertake. Every working shift, I always feel dehydrated and find myself making a drink. All the consumption of pearls and caffeine has been an unhealthy habit for me. The pearls contain a heavy amount of carbohydrates and calories if consumed too often. The milk tea includes caffeine and lots of sugar, although there are benefits in the milk, it doesn’t balance the cons of the drink. I want to challenge myself to see how long I can last without drinking boba milk tea, which includes any type of drink sold in a bubble tea shop.

My plan was to drink water as an alternative to drinking milk tea. As an added benefit, I think this will also help my sleep schedule because the caffeine usually keeps me awake at night, causing me to me oversleep and go to school late.

On the first day, I headed to work with regrets of the challenge since I couldn’t drink one of my daily drinks. When I told my coworker and friend, Fannie, about my challenge she was surprised and questioned why I was doing this challenge. She knew it was unusual for me to agree to such a difficult challenge.

While we were at work, Fannie made herself a roasted oolong milk tea with tapioca pearls in it and tried to encouraged me to drink it and break my  challenge. I was tempted to drink it because it looked so good, but I knew I had to follow the honor system. I was sad that I couldn’t get to try her drink, but I was proud that I didn’t give up on the challenge by accepting her offer.

Another day that was very difficult for me was on the fourth day, after eating dinner with my friend, Amy, she asked if I wanted to go grab some boba as a dessert. I reminded her that I was still on the challenge and it instantly hit her as she said, “Ohhhhh”. I felt bad that it was my fault that she couldn’t get boba because she said she wouldn’t get it if I didn’t. I urged her to get it but she told me that she would probably get too full from dinner anyways.

My friend was at Boba Guys on the fifth day and asked if I wanted anything from there. I got really excited because I was at school and I was really craving boba. As I was about to text him back replying “Jasmine milk tea with boba”, I quickly remembered the boba challenge. I reminded him about it and he felt pity for me because he knew Boba Guys was one of my favorite boba places.Not having boba took a toll on my cravings; it made me sad, but at the same time I knew I would be proud of myself after I achieved my goal.

On the second to last day, my friend Jessica and I finished eating lunch and she suggested buying boba from Sharetea since it was next door. I could tell she completely forgot about my challenge so I reminded her. She felt bad for me as well but bought a mango passion fruit tea, a drink I’ve never tried before, she claimed it was delicious. I had an urge to try the drink but bought myself a bottle of water from Walgreens instead.

The last day finally arrived and I felt so boba deprived. My friends Emily and George wanted to get boba after we finished eating ramen, but of course, I couldn’t even take a sip of boba. Emily insisted that I joined them to get some boba, but I stood my ground and said no, I couldn’t. Instead of getting Boba Guys like we usually get, we got ice cream from Matcha Cafe Maiko.

After what felt like years, I successfully finished the challenge. I was miserable without my regular boba drinks. My friends were very impressed with me because they doubted I would be able to complete the challenge. I am proud of myself because I proved to myself and my friends that I can really be disciplined if I put my mind to it.

My final results were that I had drank more water than usual. I felt different because I felt empty without boba, but also healthier. I don’t think I can ever quit drinking boba because I am heavily addicted to it, but I depend too much on boba to always fulfill my thirst. The day after the last day, I instantly bought myself a boba drink as a reward.


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