7 Day Challenge: Intermittent Fasting

For my 7 day challenge, I did intermittent fasting from 6:01 pm to 11:59 am. The reason I decided to take this challenge because other people took the ideas I had for the challenge and someone suggested I try fasting. I heard that intermittent fasting abstaining or reducing food and drink intake periodically can be good for us and is one of the most popular diet trends worldwide, so I figured I would give it a try. I really wasn’t trying to lose weight or be more healthy, I just wanted to see how my body would react to not eating for a long period of time.

The first couple of days were grueling. The challenge made me skip breakfast and when I arrived at school I felt tired due to the lack of nutrition in my body. Throughout the day, I just kept on drinking water to fill up my body so my stomach wouldn’t growl. Going to the bathroom became a habit of mine with all the water I was drinking, and I ended up having to go during every passing period.

When the clock struck 12 I felt a stimulate of relief and I would eat full meals so I can stay full throughout the day and do the same thing around 5. I ate a small number of snacks throughout the day that my friend provided. I never tried eating too much because I thought it would make me more hungry in the morning.

An unexpected benefit of the challenge was my attendance at school. Typically I stop to eat breakfast before school, which affects what time I get to the first period. I’m usually  15-20 minutes late and often miss important curriculum.

Throughout the week I think my body got used to having less food. I started feeling less tired as before and I think my body must have gotten used to the fasting. I would do the same routine and keep my body hydrated by drinking more water and eat more than usual.

After intermittent fasting, for 7 days I really didn’t notice much change. I felt like I weighed the same as before, and I also didn’t see any improvement in my mental ability, such as focusing. The biggest personal benefit for me was drinking a lot of water and eating a lot of protein-based food. I probably won’t do this challenge again because it limits when I can eat and how much.


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