Why I Hate Social Media

We use social media everyday. For teenagers especially, it seems like it is part of our very existence. I would be surprised if you, yes you the person reading this didn’t have some social media account open in another window right now.

On one hand social media can be a good thing. It lets us have a seek peek into everyone’s lives, from the highest celebrity on the poll to the person you last spoke too or keeping in touch with old friends and family you never see.

But what you didn’t know was how its tight claws are gripping and draining not only your phone battery but also your energy. Researchers say that youth under 18 spend 7+ hours a day on social media, which is crazy! But i’m not here to give you a lecture i’m here to tell you why I hate it. The first of many is (drum roll please) how slow you are in the halls! Looking at your feed is holding up the long line right behind you filled with people trying to get to class on time but no, you’re too busy liking Kim Kardashian’s latest booty pic. We get it, but look up or step aside for just a few minutes. We’re trying to get to class!

I admit to being a regular social media leech before, getting all my news from tweeter, seeing my friends and families lives on Instagram and Snapchat. I was on them for almost 13 hours a day for the three years that I’ve been in high-school. I developed opinions on peoples lives that they had no control of. I was contemplating on leaving social media for a very long time, but last month was a sign. My girlfriend and I broke up and this took a huge toll on me and my mental health. It was a turning point for me and I decided to ultimately separate myself from any type of social media I was involved in.

I have reasons that I personally have left social media. First thing is the level of “fake” things you see in it. Whether it be fake news or fake people theirs always one person trying to be someone they aren’t. Its just funny to see someone get so famous and rich off of a disrespectful phrase like “Cash me outside”. I don’t understand but people just eat it up.

Social media separates people from reality, so much to the point where we are obsessed and we don’t even realize it before its too late, constantly keeping up with an image that you’re happy when you aren’t. That’s why I deleted all of my social media. It was too much. Seeing people you were friends with go insane because of cyber bullying is truly a sad thing to watch, just because you type a few words doesn’t mean in doesn’t hurt people.

Overall, Social media is a distraction. I’ve seen people with their significant others on their phones without having a genuine conversation. Get up, walk outside. I can’t stay in my house for more then 8 hours without being overwhelmed with a sense of discomfort and boredom.  So, take a minute to appreciate the people around you. Taking time off social media has been really enlightening, providing me with the time and effort to make real connections outside my little screen.

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