Winter(ling) Returns!

Written By Nia M.

Although only retiring 6 months ago, former P.E. teacher and athletic director, Mr. Winterling, is back at Galileo. Mr. Winterling is now currently substituting for former math teacher, Mr. Miller, who decided to not to come back after winter break. He plans to be around for the whole semester as Mr. Miller’s substitute or until the school finds a permanent teacher.

Mr. Winterling taught at Galileo for 30 years as he started out in the math department, then moved to history, and eventually moved to P.E. and became a coach and the athletic director. During his 6 month break, he spent his time fishing, learning how to play golf and the guitar, and traveling. He has goals of visiting Tuscany and cooking in Italy.

“I enjoy working with students and I was able to supplement my income a little bit [by substituting], which allows me to go fishing, which is one of my passions in life,” said Mr. Winterling. Even after his stint subbing for Mr. Miller, Mr. Winterling plans to continue to be a substitute for the next 5-10 years.

Not only has it been enjoyable for Mr. Winterling to come back, but students have also enjoyed having him as their substitute as well. Sophomore Jason Z. says, “I enjoy having Mr. Winterling because he is a really laid back teacher and when I asked for help, he helped me.”  Sophomore Jessica N. adds, “I enjoy Winterling being my sub because he does nice card magic tricks and he’s funny.”


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