7 Day Challenge: No Chocolate For 7 Days

Written By: Kelly P.

For my seven day challenge, I decided to not eat any chocolate. I chose this without expecting myself to actually do it, because I needed to come up with something before the period ended, and I figured I would just change my challenge later. But after thinking about my day to day basis, I realized that I actually consume chocolate pretty much everyday. Which is scary. With that in mind, I decided to then take on the challenge, to try and not give in to my cravings.

The first day was surprisingly not that hard. It may seem like I’m joking, because I typed previously that I consume chocolate everyday. But, I actually didn’t eat any. I did think about having some in the back of my mind, but I decided against it. I was honestly pretty proud of myself, plus surprised that I even had any self control. By the third day of the challenge, I didn’t even think about having chocolate at all. At that point, I really thought that I was going to be able to conquer the challenge and realized that I didn’t need to have chocolate that often.

The fourth day was when it started to go downhill. I almost caved because I was hungry, but I was already 4 days in, and I didn’t want to give up. I also realized that maybe I crave chocolate because I’m just hungry. I also decided to search up “why would someone crave chocolate everyday?” and the majority of the search results said that it’s because of stress. After reading this, I thought that maybe the first few days were pretty easy, because I had just finished my college apps and I felt so relieved after that.

The remaining days were the worst ones. I really wanted chocolate, because I missed it, plus I really wanted something sweet to eat. I was almost ready to sneak a little, but I was literally so close to finishing the challenge, and I didn’t want to fail when I was already one day away from finishing. I luckily found some alternatives to tend to my cravings that didn’t have chocolate in it.

Overall, this challenge was really hard to do, mainly because I have such a big sweet tooth. I did learn that I have some self control, so I will try to keep that in mind whenever I want to binge eat. I’m obviously not going to torture myself by doing this challenge again. I mean, I will try to stop myself from eating it everyday, but I won’t completely stop myself from consuming chocolate, because it’s too good.

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