7 Day Challenge: TV is Still a Thing?

Written By Kamieya B.

My challenge was to watch TV for 2-3 hours a day. I took this challenge because I have TV in my room with cable that I don’t watch, and my mother is always talking about how I don’t watch the TV and how it’s a waste of money. Instead of watching TV, I usually watch shows on my phone to have it close to my face and be able to switch to different apps and still hear my show. My expectations for the challenge were very low because I really don’t like watching TV as I usually forget to turn it off when I’m done and end it leaving it on most of the night after I’ve fallen asleep.

I know most people would think I’m living the life as I watched TV while doing homework, but I had the biggest headache from staring at the TV starting on the first day of the challenge. On my phone I can adjust the brightness for my eyes but the TV has nothing to alter the way it looks so I did not feel good while watching it.

On the second day I got another headache, and I felt like giving up, but I didn’t because I had this little motto going, “it’s only for a week; you got this.” So despite having a headache everyday while watching TV, I still finished the challenge.

Over the week, I watched the Disney channel and got all caught up my little sister watched, but it was fun watching TV with her for the week.

Looking back on the challenge it wasn’t really that bad, but I wouldn’t do it again. While watching TV, I felt myself slacking off a bit and not completing my school work fully. I believe that was the reason I stopped watching tv in the first place. But after only watching TV for a week, stopping was like having coffee withdrawal, I felt a lot of anxiety trying to go back to a world without TV.

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