7 Day Challenge: Walking Home 7 Days Straight

By Jasper S.

My challenge was to walk home for 7 straight days. I wanted to walk home for 7 days because I always take the bus so I thought that it would be a good way for me to be healthier by walking home.

The next couple of days I found it harder to walk home and not take the bus because I’m so used to taking it. It was also getting tiring to walk, and my foot slowly started to get sore because from walking. But I was able to walk with a friend who lives a block away from me which made it a little more bearable.

When I walked alone it felt like the walk took long but when I walked with my friend it felt like the walk went by fast because we were talking and walking the same time, and I learned from my PE teacher that if you talk and walk at the same time, the walk will go by faster just by talking to someone else.

The toughest day walking home was when it was raining, and I really wanted to take the bus so bad because I didn’t want my shoes to get wet. Luckily I had an umbrella and I still walked home, but alone, because my friend didn’t even go to school that day because he had a dentist appointment.

I didn’t want to go walk by myself but did it anyway. I pushed myself to not take the bus home even when it was raining. I stopped by at Starbucks and bought myself some hot chocolate because it was kinda cold and I was craving some hot chocolate. After I got home I felt happy that I walked home even though that it was raining.

Something I learned about myself in this challenge is that if I push myself to do something I can accomplish anything. The last day I walked home felt like a victory, being able to accomplish this challenge. I’m really proud that I pushed myself to do this challenge even though sometimes I didn’t want to walk home. I feel that I can now walk home sometime and not take the bus because the bus is a bit boring and all you do is just sit there on your phone. Walking home is a bit more relaxing compared to an overcrowded bus.

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