7 Day Challenge – Different Themed Photo Challenge

By Linda Z

When I was brainstorming what to do for my 7 day challenge, the first thing I thought of doing was something I’d be willing to do for a week. I thought of doing a photo challenge because of my passion for photography, which was developed in my photography class last year.

I decided to take a different themed picture everyday for my 7 day challenge. I chose to do this challenge because I’ve realized that I’ve been paying less attention to my surroundings.

I went online to find inspiration to themes I could use for the challenge. I was looking through 3 of them and gathered the topics I wanted to do. On the first and second day, I thought it was fun experience. I started to imagine that I could turn this challenge into one of my future habits.  

On the fourth day of photo shoots,  I started walking more and noticing more to the views of the streets. I had a number of flashbacks to different experiences I’ve had at the places I where I did my photo shoots. Lots of different memories popped up in my head, like my trip during winter break.

During the break, me and my mom went to Toronto. When we came back to SF, we both realized that we haven’t been that attentive to our surrounding in SF due to various reasons. One of the main reason is because we’re seeing the same stuff everyday in SF. We get tired of seeing the same thing day after day and it leads to just being on our phone and not observing anything.

After finishing the 7 day challenge, I notice myself spending less time on my phone when I’m taking the bus to school or back home. I started being more aware of events or changes in my neighborhood; like stores closing , new stores opening, or construction work.  I was glad that I did this challenge because i didn’t expect to have these changes to my lifestyle.



Day 1 – Favorite time of day This is my favorite time of the day because I get to hangout with my friends at lunch.






Day 2 – Sky; Seeing the difference between a shady sky and a clear blue sky






Day 3 – Nature; I never realized the different plants in the my neighbor’s front yard.






Day 4 – Favorite Pattern; My favorite pattern, that looks like a piano keyboard. Coincidentally, I use this binder for music class.




Day 5 – Collection;Noticing the similar eraser patterns. Also I never realized the amount of erasers I have.



Day 6 – Rain; Rain drops staining walls. 




Day 7 – Childhood Memory; I’ve been drinking these for years.




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