7 Day Challenge: Egg Challenge

Written By Maraljin G.

I decided to eat a different version of eggs for breakfast everyday for seven days for my challenge. I chose this because I always seem to wake up late and end up skipping breakfast to get to school on time. In order to complete this challenge I will have to wake up early and make a satisfying egg breakfast that will be fast and easy to cook.

I wanted to make a different types of egg everyday because I know that if I ate the exact same breakfast everyday, I would get sick of it. Time was an important factor for me in the morning because I always either move too slow or don’t wake up on time. This has resulted in me skipping breakfast and running out my house in a rush.

Each morning I picked which type of egg breakfast I would eat by seeing what was in the fridge and what I felt like eating. I liked the part of the challenge where I got to cook my breakfast since I like to cook and bake my own food.  

On day one, I made scrambled eggs with toast. The problem was I was a bit late to school since I still ended up waking up later then I needed too, but I did notice that I had more energy and focus during class. On day two and three I ate avocado toast with a fried egg. On day four I ate a fried egg with some yogurt and fruits. I ended up making fried egg three days in a row because that was the only few ways I knew how to make it. On day five I ate some scrambled eggs with an eggo waffle. Finally on day six and seven (the weekends) I had more time so I made myself an omelet.

Throughout the challenge,  I faced a constant challenge of getting enough energy to make breakfast instead of taking the easy way out by eating cereal. However, I knew that if I did take the time and energy to make myself breakfast, I would be more energized and focused throughout the rest of my day. I am proud of the fact that I was able to wake up early enough everyday for a week to make myself a good breakfast even though I had to set five alarms t get myself out of bed.

After finishing this challenge, I am sick of eggs, but I liked the concept of eating breakfast every morning. I did have to go to sleep earlier so that I would have time in the morning to cook the eggs which was more difficult than I thought it would be. I did notice though that halfway through the challenge, it became a part of my morning routine and it felt easier and easier to do.

I think that eating breakfast has benefited my attitude and outlook for the day as well as my sleep schedule. I will definitely try my best to continue this especially since it is now a part of my routine. I’m glad that I did this challenge because without it I probably would have never thought that eating breakfast would improve my lifestyle.

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