7 Day Challenge: Going to School on Time

Written By Wendy Y.

For my challenge, I decided to get to school on time for one week straight. No tardies! I decided to do this challenge because I’m always late to school. I only live 10 minutes away from school (a 5 minute bus ride and a 5 min walk), but 90% of the time I come to school between 10-15 minutes late.  

I want to make this change because I have to get ready for college. I’ve tried numerous times to get to school on time, but they’ve mostly been failures with only a few successes.

Looking back at my attendance during freshman year, I was always on time when I attended Washington High School because my father would drive me. The same was true my sophomore year when I had Ms. Barrett as my first period teacher for English Honors because her class was teaching me many valuable things, and I did not want to be late, in fear of missing out on learning something important.

However, things changed during my junior year as I felt like I did not learn anything in my United States History Honors class, so I decided to sleep in to catch up on my sleep since I was always sleeping late while I was studying for other classes. Unfortunately, being tardy to class or not going at all soon turned into a bad habit.

The first day of making it to school on time was difficult because I had grown accustomed to waking up late. Because I wanted to achieve my goal though, I set my alarm fifteen minutes before my usual wake up time. Waking up felt like death, and I was contemplating on if it was really worth it. I wanted to hit snooze on my alarm clock, but I remembered about my challenge.

I got  to school and in the classroom one minute before 8am, but since the bell rings a few minutes earlier, I was still marked tardy.

I was also 2-3 minutes late on my second and third day. However, it was still earlier than what I used to do. I was only late by a few minutes for two days, and got to school at either 7:55 or 8:00 on the other five days.

In the end, I still received tardies, but I noticed that I felt better having more time to complete a test or a timed write. I am proud of myself because I thought that it would be harder to get to school on time, but I got to school earlier than I usually do everyday during the challenge. I learned that challenges are definitely achievable with motivation. I am positive that I will be able to break the bad habit before college starts. Step by step!

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