7 Day Challenge: No Processed Foods

By Rachel Au Yeung

The challenge that I did for a week was not eating any processed foods, meaning no food that is chemically tempered with or could be preserved. Normally, most of the foods that I eat are processed, making this a really difficult challenge.

The reason why I decided to do the challenge was that I wanted to try a week-long healthy diet was to improve the way I’m eating or at least try to break the bad habit I have of eating junk food. Hopefully, after the week-long challenge, I can eat healthier foods instead of junk food and less processed foods.

Usually, I go out to buy my own groceries and cook my own food, which ends up being ramen since it’s fast and easy. I never really bother to go and make something better.

During the first 3 days of the challenge, I struggled quite a lot because I wasn’t used to eating organic foods. I went to a market and looked at the list of foods I could buy to make my meals for the week. I went to the organic foods side of the market and began to search up what types of foods are not processed and began to find them. I bought onions, carrots, eggs, salads, potatoes, cucumbers, apples, and some fish. One of the meals I cooked was a simple meal of steamed fish with onions, carrots, with some leftover bak choy, served with rice.

Cooking the foods weren’t much of a problem for me since I like to cook. However, it was a bit complicated when trying to cook it when you don’t have some of the utensils that they said to use. One of the utensils that I didn’t have was a masher when making some mashed potatoes.

As for the rest of the week, I kept on searching up organic recipes for my meals so that I wouldn’t have an urge to eat any junk food. I would go to the market and pick out the ingredients for the organic food that I was going to make for my meal and make them asap once I get back home.

The food that I cooked, was quite filling, and by the fourth day was coming by, I was getting used to eating organic food. For the week I didn’t touch any of the ramen or any junk related foods. It was still a bit a struggle for me to buy the ingredients since I was picky about the meals I wanted to eat.

However, in the middle of the night on the fifth day of the challenge, I had a strong urge to eat some ramen and drink some soda, but I remembered that I couldn’t because I needed to eat healthier. During a couple of hours of debating whether to eat ramen at night and break the challenge and start over again the next day was hard. Not being able to some junk food was like not being able to drink water for a while to me, especially since I rely heavily on ramen.

In the end, I didn’t eat the ramen since I told myself that there were only a few more days and then I would be done with the challenge. After the week was over, I was a bit more comfortable eating organic food and less of the usual junk food that I eat. Overall, eating organic food more often is not as bad as I thought, and it’s good for the body. I plan to try to eat more of organic food as often as I can, and buy less junk food when going to the market.

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