Electronic Board Issues

By Linda Z.

Seven years ago, Galileo staff and parents had the idea of putting an electronic announcement board outside of Galileo, as a way to make the school “look better” and to share things going on at the school for everyone to see. While that idea became a reality, on the side of the Bay gym, at the corner of Bay street and Van Ness, the end result has not matched the original vision.

Currently, the board has been broken for about a year. According to administrative assistant, Ms. Grinnell, one problem is the screen is cracked, which is why there is a noticeable purple line through the middle. Hiring someone to repair the screen with a truck basket to come out one time would cost about $5000, but no group has been willing to spend the money to repair it.

The board is always broken because it is electronic and is always exposed to the elements, like getting wet in the rain or baking in the sun. “It’s like a computer being moisten and burnt all the time, the computer would be a total loss,`” said Galileo computer technician, Mr. Ly.

Another issue with the announcement board is it doesn’t show any actual announcements. The board reads, “Home of the Lions” and the date, but those are the only things that flash across the board. Previously, school announcements, would also flash across the board; however, since the screen is broken, nobody plans out what announcements should run across the board. Additionally, another reason the announcements stopped was because a neighbor complained about the announcements flashing across the board making it difficult for her to sleep at night.

While the sign remains broken, most students don’t really notice one way or the other. “I never knew that there was announcement board in the Bay Gym,” said an anonymous freshman.

Senior Lisa Kwong said, “I didn’t notice the missing announcement. Someone told me that the announcements were missing, I feel like I might miss deadlines for important events.”

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