Teachers Who Played High School Sports

Written by Gabriel Recinos

The student stereotype of a teacher in high school is typically someone who had good grades, paid attention, worked hard but usually did not participate in sports. Here are some Galileo teachers who break the typecast and were major athletes back in high school.


Mr. Lynch (History)

  1. “In high school, I played football, lacrosse and wrestled at Marin Catholic high school (Kentfield) for all 4 years, except wrestling which was only 3 years.”
  2. “The biggest injury I had was a broken collar bone while in wrestling during practice”
  3. “I thought about playing for a college team, but didn’t have the grades to play.”
  4. “My fondest memory of playing sports was the practice, team bonding, and having a good time.”




Mr. Keough (Mathematics)

  1. “In high school, I did track and cross country all 4 years at Laguna High School (Orange County).”
  2. “The biggest injury I had was when I went snowboarding in the winter and I crashed and broke my arm and was out of track season completely my junior year.”
  3. “I didn’t think of playing for a college team because  I went to college to learn, not to play a sport.”
  4. “My fondest memory of playing sports was hanging out with my teammates after practice and watching Friday night football with them at school is one of my fondest memories.”



Mr. Honnef (Mathematics)


  1. “In high school, I played soccer and track, grades 10-12,  at Santa Cruz High School.”
  2. “The biggest injury I got was a mild concussion while playing.”
  3. “Nope, I never thought of playing for a college team.”
  4. “My fondest memory was running faster than a 5 minute mile for the first time even though I didn’t win I beat my personal best.”



Mr. Ayala (History)

  1. “In high school, I did Cheerleading for 2 years (junior, senior) at Schurr high school (Montebello near LA).”
  2. “I went uninjured and I didn’t cause an injury, which is more important.”
  3.  I never thought of participating  for my college team because I wanted to go for multiple experiences especially in college.”
  4. “My fondest memory was the school mascot and I wore greek spartan cartoon heads, and we bonded a lot in between cheers.”




Mr. Villar (World Language)

  1. “In high school, I played hockey at Luis Vives High School in Barcelona, Spain.”
  2. “I’m very lucky to not have been injured while playing hockey.”
  3. “I did not think of playing for a college team because in Spain we didn’t have college sports at the time.”
  4. “My fondest memory was having a commitment every day to train and spend time with my friends and practice on the weekends.”

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