Admin Locks Parking Lot Gate

Written by Kamieya Bynum

The Galileo administration has decided to lock the parking lot gate everyday from 8:30 until the end of the school day in order to keep more students in class and give them less entries and exits to leave the school.

Assistant principal Ms. Arkin said, “We know that students go to the corner store after homeroom on block days. So we are looking out for their best interest by closing the parking lot gate,” adding, “The ultimate goal is to have students and the staffs feel safe at Galileo. The administration team talked about it for a week before making the decision to lock the gate.”

Speaking on the locked gate, security guard, Mr. Espy, said, “We lock the gate to keep outsiders out of the school. Galileo is an unsafe school, unlike Washington, Lowell, or Lincoln.”

While the administration is trying to help students by locking the gate, some students see it differently.  Senior Sofia Z. said, “What’s the admin motives cause it won’t help the students if their already late to school. If anything locking the gate will only make them later than they are.  It will lock the students in and make it feel like prison.”

Other students seemed confused when asked about the gates being locked. “I didn’t know that the parking lot gate was gonna start getting locked. Has admin made an announcement about it?” said senior Kendrix N. Junior Amy K. added, “I thought that the administration was already locking the gate.”

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