Teachers & Their High School Jobs

Written by Wendy Ye and Cody Tieu

Students forget that teachers were once teenagers. Just like teens today who need some extra money to support themselves or hang out with their friends, Galileo teachers had to work as teens to make a little bank.

Mr. Grimm (Science)

  1. I worked at a supermarket in New York, where I used to live.”
  2. “I worked at the produce section. I would put fruits such as apples and oranges out for customers to buy.”
  3. “My parents were unwilling to give me any money for social events such as hanging out with my friends, so I decided to work to be able to pay for myself. My parents would pay for my academic stuff though.”
  4. “It was fun. I only worked around 10 hours a week so it gave me what I wanted to do, like going to the movies or restaurants with friends.”
  5. “I worked during my junior and senior year.”
  6. “Because it was only 10 hours a week, it was still easy to manage school and sports. I would usually work on the weekends.”


Mr. Biorn (Science)

  1. “I worked at K-mart.”
  2. “I was in the toy department, then I was a cashier.”
  3. “I worked to make money for spending. I had a car so I had to put gas in the car.”
  4. “I enjoyed it sometimes because it was fun meeting other people. Most of the kids went to a different high school than I did so that was pretty cool. On some days, I had work but I wanted to hang out with my friends.”
  5. “I worked during my sophomore and junior year.”
  6. I didn’t really have any other extracurriculars when I was working there. I didn’t it balance it with school very well. I pretty much did my schoolwork at school. I didn’t really do the homework. But I had a study hall and homeroom every day for 30 or 40 minutes, so it gave me an hour and half of free time.”


Ms. Nelson (Mathematics)

  1. “I worked at material science lab at Iowa State University.”
  2. I was an intern under a professor of material science and I was helping him investigate why tractor springs fail, like why big metal springs in large vehicle springs would break. I would make samples, and cut pieces of the ones that would fail, would grind them down with a specific grinder, and polish them then look at them through an electron telescope.”
  3. I did the internship because I thought it would look good on college resumes, it looked interesting, and I was saving up for a car.”
  4. I really liked it. It’s cool working with professionals and being able to do a lot of hands-on work.”
  5. That internship was between junior and senior year.”
  6. It was during the summer time so I still had time to hang out with my friends and go to movies.”


Ms. Stangland (English)

  1. It was my own business so I taught people how to swim either at my house or their house.”
  2. “I worked as a swim instructor.”
  3. “I worked to make money.”
  4. “I mostly enjoyed my work, but it was really hard work. I worked 15 hours with crying toddlers in pools, but I did enjoy part of it. I got to work with kids. I lived in Bakersfield and it was really hot so it was nice to be in the pool all day.”
  5. It was the summer after my junior and senior year.”
  6. “I did it during the summer. I worked really hard during the summer to make it up for the rest of the year.”



Ms. Partridge (Computer Arts)

  1. I worked at an arcade.”
  2. I was the cashier.”
  3. “I worked to have my own spending money because my mom had no money to give us.”
  4. “I enjoyed it because I got to play video games.”
  5. I worked through tenth grade to senior year.”
  6. I didn’t do extracurriculars.”





Ms. Wong (Counselor)

  1. “I worked at Tel Hi”
  2. “I was a Youth Worker, I would work with elementary students (K-5th) and during the summer, I was a program leader and I took kids on field trips and helped facilitate workshops like cooking, sports, and arts and craft.”
  3. “I wanted to give back to the community. I was part of the program growing up and because they knew me, they asked me if I wanted to apply so I decided to take the opportunity to. I wanted to save money for college.”
  4. “I enjoyed working here and being with the kids.”
  5. “I worked from my sophomore year to my senior year in high school.”
  6. “Sometimes I had to make a sacrifice. One semester I was on the volleyball team so I couldn’t work. I was also a club officer and sometimes I would have to be present for meetings but my work was accommodating as long as I told them in advance. Most of my extracurriculars were during lunch or during the weekends. If possible, I avoided after-school commitments, but if I had to, I would call out of work.”

Ms. Kwan (Science)

  1. “I worked at Cal Academy.” (Academy of Sciences)
  2. “I worked as an Education Intern.”
  3. “I always liked science and seemed cool and interesting. I wanted to do something. It was close to home so it was convenient. I applied just to see what would happen. The workers were around the same age as me and it was a cool experience.”
  4. “It was fun, I enjoyed it. I recommend working there. It was more than just a job where you just show up and do whatever, they wanted to invest in you. They helped with college applications, career explorations and also went on field trips. We were asked to bring in a report card at the end of every grading period to keep working there. They wanted to make sure we were not falling behind in school.”
  5. “I worked the summer before junior year to the summer after junior year in college.”
  6. “I was able to balance it with extracurriculars because I was organized with my schedule. I used a planner to keep track of when my shifts were.”

Ms. Chan (Counselor) 

  1. “Did a lot of office jobs in the financial district and one of them was Il Fornaio. I also worked at the Exploratorium when it was still at the Palace of Fine Arts, and was a MYEEP participant.”
  2. “At Il Fornaio, I worked in the HR (Human Resources), filing papers. At the Exploratorium, I was a High School Explainer.”
  3. “I worked I wanted money for myself and to support my parents.”
  4. “I loved working. It made me practice real job skills like how to talk to people, how to dress up for jobs.”
  5. “I worked throughout all four years in high school.”
  6. “It was hard, balanced it with volleyball. High School was very small. I wasn’t in a lot of clubs. Right after school, I would go straight to work and after work, I went to go volunteer. Offices closed around 5 PM to 6 PM and I didn’t get home until 9 PM.”

Mr. Espy (Security)

  1. “I worked at Espy’s Carpet Care, it was a family business.”
  2. “I worked as a carpet cleaner and a janitor.”
  3. “I worked to help my family business.”
  4. “I enjoyed working very much since I spent a great time with my dad and learned a great deal about life.”
  5. “I started working when I was 9. By the start of high school when I was 14, I was actually running the business. After college, my dad made me a partner. I still run it today — We celebrated our 55th anniversary last June.”
  6. “It was not easy to balance it with other extracurriculars. I was in the school of the arts and participated in sports. I was also very active with my church choir and helping out in the community as well as maintaining an honor roll.”

Mr. Barbour (Counselor)

  1. “I worked on a farm where I grew up.”
  2. “I was a farmer for my own family and to also help my neighbors at their farms.
  3. It worked because it was a family responsibility. But for the neighbors, I worked for extra money.”
  4. “It was family stuff, it didn’t matter if I enjoyed it or not — I had to do it. But working for the neighbors was different.”
  5. “I worked all 4 years in high school and worked for neighbors from grades 11 to 12.”
  6. “During the school year, I would work during the weekends. It wasn’t every week, it was seasonal.  Mostly summertime, sometimes in the spring. Trees needed to be pruned, fruit and nest needed to be harvested,  and that doesn’t happen all year long.”


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