Trending Now: Apex Legends

By Cybastian Dilinila


On February 4, 2019, Respawn Entertainment: the creators of the Titanfall surprised the public by dropping a battle royale game named Apex Legends, which has taken the video game community by storm. There was an cumulative total of 10 million players over its initial 72 hours, and 25 million players after 7 days. The game is available for download on XBox, Playstation, and PC. It is free to play, but does have in app purchases that allow players to customize their avatar.

With the rising popularity of Apex Legends, Fortnite, the most well known and played battle royale game, has seen a major decrease in player activity ever since the introduction of Apex Legends. Big stars in the gaming community, like Ninja and TFUE, can be seen playing a lot more gameplay of Apex Legends than their usual content, which consisted of Fortnite and Call Of Duty.

A number of different factors have made the game so popular. One reason is that it takes all the battle royale games that people love playing, like PUBG and Fortnite, and combines the idea of the class based system like you would get from Overwatch. It has the same visual features as Titanfall, full of action and constant movement involved while playing. Apex isn’t the first battle royale game to challenge Fortnite, but none of its other counterparts has ever had this much momentum.

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