Benefits of Owning Pets

By Wendy Ye

I have never owned pets before, but that all changed, along with my sense of responsibility and values, when my father allowed my little brother, Johnny, and I to buy guinea pigs two weeks ago. That is how Johnny and I adopted Skunk and Ruby from Petco. Skunk is a two months old and Ruby is two weeks old.

We have always wanted to have pets ever since our mom would bring us to various pet stores to look at the pets when we were younger. I remember begging our parents if we could adopt guinea pigs, but they never let us because they thought that having pets would be a distraction. They were wrong!

I never expected a dramatic change, but to my surprise, that’s what has happened to me and my brother since we got our guinea pigs.

One of the biggest changes I’ve made is that I’ve started doing a lot more cleaning. I’ve cleaned their cages daily (they have a big cage so it takes me between 45 minutes to an hour). I have also cleaned my room every single day and dried the dishes.

I even started coming home earlier to check up on the Guinea pigs, and feed them dinner.

Another change I’ve made is I’ve started to sleep and wake up earlier. I started sleeping before 12 A.M so the guinea pigs have peace and quiet since they are kept in my room. I now wake up at 6:50 A.M as opposed to 7:30 A.M, so I can cut vegetables and refill their hay before I go to school. Waking up earlier has also resulted in my not being late to school at all. I am usually quite late.

 Johnny has changed too. He now does chores around the house such as vacuuming the rug, and washing the dishes since that is what he promised our dad as a part of the deal. He also has never done those things; he usually just plays Fortnite, day and night. 

His grades have also increased. Because he made a deal with our father that he will work harder in school if he let us get the guinea pigs, he is now focusing on completing his homework every night as opposed to playing Fortnite every night. His grades have gone from a mix of C’s and B’s to A’s and B’s.

While these changes have occurred in only a little more than two weeks, they have been consistent. Getting the two guinea pigs have increased Johnny and my productivity at home, Johnny’s grades, and our overall happiness!

Both of us have started gaining these skills that are will be valuable and useful in the future when we have our own houses because we won’t have anyone to vacuum the rug, sweep the floors, or do the dishes for us.

I believe that this newly responsibility will be long term and remain consistent because we understand that pets come with a lot of responsibility, and we care too much for our Skunk and Ruby to start neglecting them.

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