Existentialism to Standard Deviation

By Gabriel Recinos

New math teacher, Mr. Jason Benchimol, spent the last 14 years as a part time college professor at the University of Washington. Mr. Benchimol ended up at Galileo because he wanted a job that was more stable since, as a part time professor, he was only “on-call”.

Mr. Benchimol became interested in becoming a high school teacher because many of his college students said he would make a great high school teacher. He said,  “I really wanted to get to know the students and as a high school teacher I can do so, because in college I only see my students for a semester then they’re gone and I never see them again.”

After leaving the University of Washington a year and a half ago, Mr. Benchimol moved to San Francisco to attend SF State to earn his teaching credentials while continuing to teach philosophy, at SF State. While at SF State he heard that Galileo was in need of a Statistics teacher and decided to apply. He replaced Mr. Miller, who left after the first semester.  

The transition from teaching college to high school has been easy as Mr. Benchimol states, “I knew on day 2 that I had made exactly the right choice and there was no question in my mind that I wanna be teaching high school rather than college. The transition has been great.”

Mr. Benchimol not only enjoys being in a high school environment, but also Galileo as a school as well. He says “So far my impression is that the students are very very nice, I like the feel of the school. It feels like a place where many people want to learn and I’m really happy with my math colleagues and they have made me feel very welcomed and supported.”

Originally from Thousand oaks in Ventura county, California, Mr Benchimol can speak 5 other languages besides English. He is fluent in German, French and Swedish and proficient with Spanish and Italian, which are all countries he has visited to better improve his tongue.


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