Special Guest for Black History Month Assembly

By Cody Tieu

In order to spread awareness of the African American culture, sponsor, Jermaine, and the Black Student Union hosted an assembly on February 15th in the auditorium. While the assembly took 2-3 months of preparation time, according to BSU President, Nia B., it was successful despite how stressful it was to put everything together.

The BSU assembly showcased many different black histories and the deeper roots of it. “We wanted to show you guys the things that history classes don’t teach you,” says Nia. During the assembly, a short video of songs written by black people was shown. There was also 2 poems read, a dance, and a skit called “A Day Without Black People”.

The BSU wanted to educate the student body about the contributions African Americans made to America and for students to feel inspired with and reach for the goals they have and set higher goals for themselves and to have more respect and pride for African Americans and their culture.

In addition to the performances, Galileo alumni and San Francisco Mayor. London Breed, who was part of the BSU when she attended Galileo, spoke at assembly A. During her speech, not only did she talk about her high school experience and first internship, she also made two very special announcements. The first announcement was about making sure that every high school students in San Francisco have access to a paid internship.

Another announcement the mayor made was that the JROTC program would be coming back to Galileo next year with the help of private support. The mayor said she wanted to make sure that students soak in the high school experience, enjoy it, and not take anything or anyone for granted — supporting one another and continue the Galileo High School spirit.

The BSU put in a lot of work in order to get the mayor to come to the assembly. The BSU communicated back and forth with her office through email, sending information on what day and time they needed her and the agenda. “It was hard, even though it was simple,” says BSU sponsor, Jermaine. Overall, members of the BSU  were satisfied with the results of the assembly. “Everything went as planned, and our hard work paid off”, says Jimmie E., a member of BSU. Jermaine added, “It took a lot of hard work and we hope to do it again next year with more student involvement.”


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