Math Teacher Faces Difficulties Coming Back

By Vanessa Lei

After being on maternity leave for the fall semester to take care of her newborn son, math teacher Ms. Liang is back at Galileo, trying to handle the difficulty of taking care of a second child and the challenges of getting back into the classroom after being gone for almost 8 months.

Already taking care of a 3 year old son, Ms. Liang has felt really tired with the addition to their family. She is often up late at night tending to her baby as he often wakes up every two to three hours.

Starting in the classroom just for the spring semester has also had its difficulties, as she expected her classes to be behind, but it was even more than what she had thought. She said, “A challenge I had to face was reteaching everything to my kids to catch them up in the middle of the school year. I had to find extra time to change my lesson plans to adapt to what they learned and didn’t learn.”

Ms. Liang has had to cram 2 semesters worth of work into 1 semester, making her lessons time sensitive. She’s also had to do this for 2 different levels of math, Algebra 1 and Pre Calculus, which includes, freshmen, juniors, and seniors.

Despite all of these challenges, Ms. Liang is looking forward to making a positive impacts on her individual grade level students. For seniors, she hopes that they enjoy their last semester at Galileo in her class. She wants them to do better in math so they can prepare themselves for college.

Ms. Liang also wants to provide help for juniors to take their state and AP tests. In addition, she challenges them to be ready for calculus and strenuous work that they’ll face their following year. Another goal she has set for herself is to train her freshmen to be quieter in class. Overall, she wants her students to leave her class as better scholars.

Students in her class are glad to have Ms. Liang back at Galileo. Esther L, a senior in her Pre Calculus class, mentioned, “I feel like I’ve learned something in this class. I feel like she cares about us because she says good morning to us everyday as we walk into class. She often asks us if we need to go over anything and if we have any problems that we don’t understand. She offers tutoring which is helpful for students who don’t know how to approach her for help.” A junior student in her math class added, “I like her more than Mr. Davis because I prefer the way she teaches.”


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