Boy’s Volleyball Team On The Rise

As spring sports begin, a familiar face has resurfaced on the boy’s volleyball scene for the Lions, Coach Mark Huynh. While Coach Mark has coached basketball and football consistently, he has been on and off when it comes to volleyball. This year though he needed to step in and take the coaching spot as the coaches Alan Tse and Anthony Lam from previous years have found new jobs and do not have the time to coach and work at their jobs simultaneously.

While it’s not ideal for him to jump straight from basketball into the volleyball season, Coach Mark is looking forward to the group he’ll be coaching on the court. Coach Mark says, “Getting back into volleyball is challenging as it is tough to transition between sports, but I enjoy coaching volleyball to end the school year because I get to coach a good group of guys each year.”

One thing the team is hoping for is that history repeats itself. So far, every year that Coach Mark has returned to coach volleyball the team has made it to the city championship. He took the Lions to the championship back in the 2016-2017 school year and but eventually lost to Lincoln in the championship game.

While everyone is looking forward to the magic touch Coach Mark is bringing to the Lions, the team knows the journey is going to be tough. Sophomore Libero Randy T. says “ Our team has a lot of potential, but we seem to lack experience this year. I know we will get better as the season goes on.”  Senior Defensive Specialist Vincent L. adds, “Although we lack experience we have gained some much-needed height this year.”

Another thing that the Lions lack is bodies, as not that many boys have decided to play volleyball. This year the Lions have 13 players on the team but due to school or outside circumstances, some of the players tend to miss practice, the Lions ideally want 17-18 players enough to scrimmage with substitutes as well. With such a limited number of bodies on the team, it has been hard for them to practice and compete. However, Coach Mark also sees the shortage of players as a positive. He says, “it allows me to focus on individuals and hone in on the mechanics that will make them better and having a smaller group helps me keep them focused and not fool around.”

The Lions roster this year is very diverse having a mix of grade levels, talent, height, and experience. Coach Mark thinks the team has the talent to be a playoff team, and plan to make a hard push for the top seed.

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