Love Fest

About 15 years ago, Galileo’s Wellness created a festival every year on Valentine’s day, with the help of the Gender Sexuality Alliance, called “Love Fest” intended to educate students about having safer sex, giving consent, healthy sexuality, healthy relationships, and self-love.

One of the highlights of the festival is the marriage booth, which was started by the GSA, before gay marriage was legal, in order to make a statement that anybody of any gender could get married. Wellness also makes different booths with fun and educational activities that students  participated in to learn about birth control, consent, safe sex, and communication. Also, students can win a Wellness dollar for every game that they play, which they can take to the prize box to win different Valentine’s Day prizes.

Love Fest is usually held in the courtyard during lunch, but this year, due to the rain, it was held inside on the second floor near the main office.

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