Anonymous Instagram Harassment

By William Hubbert

Recently several Galileo related Instagram pages were taken down due to rumors of harassment, including the bullying of several students. The Instagram pages posted transcripts of messages sent anonymously, and these transcripts, in particular, garnered much attention as of late.

While most students think that the administration is against these “confessional’ pages that isn’t the case. What the administration does disapprove of though, is how these “confessional” accounts were being used. Dean Amador said, “You know to be honest, I don’t want to get these accounts 100% shut down. But what I think sometimes it could be helpful, to say ‘oh here’s what I’m going through’. What does concern me is when people’s names are thrown out there in a way that’s not appropriate.”

It’s clear that the school wants to prevent any bullying or harassment that occur on these pages, and regarding punishment, Dean Amador said that any student who was cooperative and truthful to the school administration would not receive a suspension. He also confirmed that these Instagram pages are partly what inspired the school to have teachers read out the SFUSD phone policy during class on Friday the 22nd of February.

Regarding Instagram pages, one anonymous student said, “It’s one of the most dangerous things in the school. Whoever runs that has supreme power.” The social implications and bullying possible through these “confessional” pages are evident, and it’s something that the school is taking seriously.

The administration continues to coordinate with the police and Instagram itself to prevent further harassment of Galileo students and staff via anonymous postings online.

Dean Amador said, “We don’t want to shut a kids right to vent, but we do want to stop any type of bullying or harassment that’s happening in our school.”

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