Ms. Jones Jets

By Cybastian Dilinila

On March 1, 2019, the Galileo community was saddened by the sudden announcement that longtime P.E teacher Ms. Jones, was leaving Galileo to teach at Burton High School.

A number of different factors accounted for Ms. Jones desire to transfer to a different school. The biggest factor was Ms. Jones mother’s recent sickness. For the last couple of weeks, Ms. Jones’ mother had been dealing with a sickness, which has made her everyday commute a much harder challenge it already was.

Since she started working at Galileo 8 years ago, Ms. Jones has told the different principals that she would be late to school everyday since because the commute from her house to Galileo was an hour, plus she had to drop off her two kids at their respective schools.

Ms. Jones has tried to request a transfer to a school closer to where she lived 3 different times but was always denied by the district.

However, according to Ms. Jones, miraculously, after this last request, she was finally offered a position that would make her commute shorter. When she heard the news, she was eager to take the opportunity and anticipates having a much smoother ride from here on out.

“A lot of emotions are going through me right now, its like that move Inside out where the girl has all these emotions in her head like sadness, anger, and joy, and well I can’t wait for what Burton has to offer me, I’ll make it work, I mean I did it for eight years,” says Ms. Jones.  

While Ms. Jones will no longer be teaching at Galileo, she will still be around. Ms. Jones will still be coaching Track after school at Galileo, and she will make one last appearance at the boat dance.

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