Recent Alumni Return to Coach

By Matthew T.

Three former students from Galileo’s class of 2018 returned this year to help coach on team’s they had just played on the year before. All 3 coaches wanted to come back to coach not only to help pass along the knowledge they learned while playing, but also to help players stay on track in school.

Adrian Poot.

After helping the football team win the CIF state championship last year, Adrian Poot wanted to coach at Galileo to try and help the younger Lions prosper. He decided to return because he wanted to watch the players he had played with last year, grow into adults and teach them the secrets he learned throughout his years of playing. Adrian helped first-time players master the basics of football and also aided in keeping them on track in classes. Veteran Head

It wasn’t all easy for Adrian coming back though. He said, “Communicating with the players was the biggest challenge because I struggle with English.” but he had his attributes, While Adrian had his struggles, varsity head coach, Mark Huynh, believed that Adrian brought a number of positives to coaching.  He said, “ Adrian knew the offense as he was a quarterback himself and was always there.”

Jackie Guo.

Teammates with Adrian last year, 1st team All-City wideout, Jackie Guo, also returned to Galileo to coach this year, but in 2 different sports; football, and volleyball. Jackie was not originally planning on coaching but decided to return at the requests of his former coaches in both sports. He said, “My love for the sports I played encouraged me to return…and my former coaches requested me to come back and coach.”

Similar to Adrian, coach Mark had positive things to say about Jackie coaching. He said, “Jackie was great at helping upcoming receivers as well as helping the defense by playing scout offense in order to give the defense a bigger challenge.”

Not to be outdone by the boys, MVP of last year’s varsity girls basketball team, Annie Wu, returned to be the head coach of the JV team and assistant coach of the varsity team.  Her goal for the season was to try and help bring the girl’s varsity basketball team back to the playoffs. Playing on club teams as well as the Galileo team, Annie hoped to pass on her knowledge of the game to this group of Galileo players. She mainly worked on helping the team with their fundamentals and the basics of basketball.

Annie Wu.

Varsity head coach, Mr. Matthew Allen thought it was an obvious fit for Annie to come back and coach, He said,  Last year I coached games through her by establishing a working relationship. We were able to lock in as our playstyles were similar… everyone has seen firsthand what she could do and respected her game.”

With a first year of coaching under all of their belts, all 3 Galileo alumni are looking forward to coming back to coach again next year. Coach Mark encourages all ex-players to come back and help coach. He says, “it is a good experience for everybody and we could use the help.

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