Captain Marvel Movie Review

By Marlajin G.

In the much anticipated Marvel movie starring the first ever female lead, Brie Larson plays Carol Danvers who becomes Captain Marvel. Making her debut as part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Captain Marvel tells the origin story of the most powerful superhero in the galaxy.

At the beginning of the movie, Captain Marvel is known as Vers, who believes she is part of an alien race known as Krees. As part of the Krees, Ver fights against another alien race called the Skrulls, using powers that she accidentally absorbed. However, she continually has flashbacks, when she sleeps, of a different life back on earth.

Eventually, Captain Marvel gets stranded on earth and gains the attention of familiar Marvel character Nick Fury, who ends up helping her rediscover her true identity.   

Overall, I give Captain Marvel a thumbs up! Although the movie is formulaic, the action scenes were really exciting and it had a lot of familiar characters for those who know Marvel movies. Another great part about the movies was its 90’s setting, seeing old technology (I’d never seen a pager before), and fashion trends was fun to see. You also need to keep your eye out for the cat.

Another great reason to see the movie is because its nice to see a female protagonist doing the saving, but what I also noticed was  there isn’t a love interest in the movie. I liked this. It was refreshing to see the female lead be a strong independent woman with powers of her own.

After seeing the movie, I also left the theater excited about the next Marvel movie directly to Captain Marvel, Avengers: Endgame. After watching her origin story, I’m excited to watch Avengers to see how she will use her powers to help the Avengers in the next movie. Captain Marvel also has a tie in to the Avenger movie in the last scene of the movie. Don’t forget to stay for the post credit scene as well!

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