High School YouTube Star

By Vanessa Lei

Starting to create videos when she was just seven years old, senior Jessica La, is an aspiring Youtube content creator. Jessica got her start after walking in on father editing videos on his computer, and from there she became captivated, as her dad taught her everything she needed to know; which included trimming, editing, putting on captions and music.

A month later, Jessica was inspired by Ryan Higa and Michelle Phan, upcoming trendy Youtubers, to create her own Youtube channel. From then on, she started making her own vlogs and lyric videos during her spare time. One of her videos even hit 24 million views! She was super happy as her channel grew exponentially. She said, “Seeing all the views and positive comments encouraged me to continue making content.”

After all the positive feedback, Jessica decided to put more of herself onto her channel. “I started doing content that I genuinely love doing, such as vlogs, skincare, makeup, fashion, and fun videos with my friends.”

Her 10 years of hard work has allowed her to connect with brands for sponsorships and become an affiliate with them. Many have reached out to her and asked her to try their products and review them. With all the sponsorships she receives, she wants to help her views by hooking them up with deals.

Jessica remembers her first sponsor proudly. She said, “My first ever sponsor video was for Korean sheet face masks, I was super excited about it especially since it was my first one! I had my sister help test them out me, and it was overall a blast and a very good product.”

Jessica’s favorite video to film was her “Affordable Beginner’s 10-Step Skin Care Routine (Favorites/Review/Demo)” because she was able to talk and review something she was passionate and interested about. She wants to help inform people on how to properly follow and learn a skin care routine by showing her audience how she does hers, in hopes to help people in their journey to healthy, clear skin.

“For me, skin care is a routine that is stress relieving and beneficial for your body! I’ve dealt with acne for a lot of my life, and I found my skin to improve drastically through committing to a routine. And also being someone that’s “beauty on a budget”, I try to find affordable products that anyone is able to try,” said Jessica.

Currently, with 15k subscribers, Jessica hopes to gain a connection to different people.  She said, “With my channel, I get to have people know me on a virtual level without meeting me.”

Some goals Jessica has set for herself in the next year is to continue sharing her interests on her platform; she hopes to help someone smile at least once and by lighting up their day up in any way. She says, “I hope people get to step in my shoes and experience the world through my lens.”

Although, school work, clubs, and her extracurriculars have stopped her from posting videos consistently, she still tries to think of ideas for her next work.


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