A Concert Goers Dreams

By Michelle Ly

Going to over 20 concerts for free last year, senior Michelle Lee, has her her cousin, Melody Ly, to thank. Melody, who works at iHeartRadio took pictures and recorded videos for the iHeartRadio social media page at concerts and while she was working, Michelle would be next to her in the crowd, enjoying the show. The list of artists Michelle saw last year include; Meek Mill, Kehlani, Shawn Mendes, Harry Styles, Alex Aiono, William Singe, Khalid, G Eazy, Halsey, Lil Xan, and many others.

“Going to concerts is something I enjoys because I get to hear my favorite songs, watch artists perform live, and I enjoy the mood the shows set because I get to go out and not be cooped up at home,” Michelle said.

It’s not a guarantee for Michelle to go to any concert she wants because it depends on how popular the artists are or if there’s enough tickets leftover. When there are extra tickets from shows that don’t sell out, Melody’s boss would offer the extra tickets. Typically Michelle doesn’t  know if she’s going to a concert until a few days before the show, or even sometimes the day of the concert. Sometimes she would know the artists but not their songs or she wouldn’t know the artists in general and still goes to see how they perform live.

Michelle’s very first concert, Alex Aiono and William Singes, also happened to be her best concert. She says, “That was my favorite concert because I always listen to their covers on YouTube and knew all the words to the songs making it a very fun first experience.” In addition to enjoying the concert, Michelle was also able to get VIP tickets and meet the artists. The energy they had made it a fun concert for her and the best first experience seeing singers live.

Another concert she enjoyed was Shawn Mendes. Melody was able to to get 2 extra tickets so Michelle was also able to bring her best friend. “I like him [Shawn Mendes] as an artist and love his songs so it was exciting to finally see him perform live and sing along to the songs with my best friend.”

On the opposite side, a concert that was the least enjoyable for Michelle was Harry Styles. She thought he was going to sing pop songs, but it turns out he became a country singer. With that, it lead her to not enjoy the show since it isn’t her taste in music and since she didn’t know any of the songs, she ended up leaving the concert early. Another concert that she didn’t enjoy was Lil Xan’s. Michelle didn’t really know him, but went because the tickets were free. She said the show was boring since she didn’t know any songs and the venue smelled musty.

Now as someone who has a lot of concert going experience, Michelle has some sound information to concert goers. She says, “My advice for others would to be to hold on to your belongings and don’t wear too many layers because it tends to get sweaty in there and to leave a bit earlier to avoid people fumbling over each other trying to leave.”


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