A.C.T. Brings Shakespeare to Galileo

A group of performers from the A.C.T. (American Conservatory Theater) Master of Fine Arts Program came to Galileo to perform A Midsummer Night’s Dream, on March 14, 2019. Planned and organized by English teacher Ms. Maroun, the event was an invitation-only event for English, Special Ed, ELD (English Language Development), and AVID classes.

Since the late 1990s, Ms. Maroun has had an ongoing relationship with the A.C.T. through their Student Matinee, ACTsmart, and Will on Wheels Tour programs. She originally became involved with these educational and culturally enriching programs because she wanted to provide Galileo’s students with more exposure and access to the artistry of drama since some students may never experience the artistry of a live dramatic performance in their high school education.

While the A.C.T. usually charges for each performance, they generously waived the cost of what could have been $800+ for them to perform at Galileo. Typically, they perform all over the Bay Area, but predominantly San Francisco and the East Bay.

The performers are students from the A.C.T., who are trying to earn their graduate degree or masters of fine arts in theatre/drama. They are usually seriously motivated actors/actresses who are seeking a future career onstage and/or outside of the stage (i.e. film).

Many of the students enjoyed the A.C.T.’s performance. Senior Jessica L, said, “I love how it was funny. The energy was high and fun. I am a part of AP Literature AND Composition and Ms. Maroun has opened the gates for me to enjoy plays because she has many opportunities to watch and enjoy, so saying yes was easy.”

“What I like most about the play was the enthusiasm and playfulness of Puck. I enjoyed watching the nature of his character and messing around with the lovers which caused confusion and a big misunderstanding that was a strange ‘dream.’ I attended this event because I like watching plays and my English teacher offered our class this opportunity to watch it,” said senior Amanda A.

Senior Joanna L. added, “What I like most about the play was that the play itself was completely open to new ideas and interpretations because the play mirrors how the era was in that time, and the play now mirrors idea in today’s time, like the Adele song or the dances. I attended this play because I wanted to watch another interpretation of it and also because I’m in Ms. Maroun’s AP Lit class which gave me the opportunity to do so.”

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