A Different Choice

By Linda Z.

As I get ready to take the next step, away from Galileo, I’m on a path a little different from other seniors. I chose a University not many people have heard of, called Full Sail University, located in Winter Park, Florida. I’ve never been to Florida, nor ever visited the campus, but my trust in my brother has led me to believe that this is best next step for my future.

Full Sail’s majors are mainly focused in the entertainment and media industry, which will help me follow my dream of becoming a music producer. The best thing about the school is that it only takes 20 months to receive a bachelor’s degree from the school. In addition, they don’t look at your SAT or ACT score when it comes to admitting students. In fact, it only took me 2-3 weeks to gain my acceptance to the school.

I was highly influenced to attend Full Sail after seeing my older brother struggle through college. My brother went to San Francisco State University for 2 years, taking all the general education classes he needed for his major, but when it was time for him to take classes for his major in computer science, there weren’t enough people enrolling in the major. He also couldn’t transfer the credits he earned from his general courses to other universities. Then he end up dropping out of SF State.

He stopped going to school for 9 months, but realized he needed to continue his education path. He spent a lot of time doing research, trying to find universities that took the least time to earn a bachelor’s degree for computer science. Finally, he found Full Sail University and applied for it. It will only take him 29 months to graduate through these online courses.

According to his experience, he recommend me to not go to SF State University. He didn’t want me to make the same mistake he did. Instead, he highly recommended I apply to Full Sail University. He told me even though he didn’t have the smoothest college experience, I could still have one. This way I would save plenty of time and money from college.

I feel excited and stressed at the same time for choosing to attend college at a place I’ve never been to. The exciting part is getting freedom to do whatever I want, like planning my own daily routines and having no more restrictions from my parents.  However, I know I have to make lots of different decisions that I never made before, like finding a place to live, finding part-time job to pay for my daily expense and cooking my own meals. Hopefully after going through this completely new experience, I’m able to  find a new “me”.

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