Marine Biology Continues Film Festival Tradition

By: Matthew T.

For the 16th straight year, Galileo’s Marine Biology Pathway attended the International Ocean Film Festival at the Fort Mason Art Institute on March 7. Marine Biology teacher, Ms. Franzen, has attended the film festival year after year because she wants students to learn about different animals that haven’t been touched on in class.

“I thought it [attending the film festival] was a good idea because it would help many students connect what they learn in class with what is shown on the films and ultimately teach them more about the ocean,” says Ms. Franzen.

Ms. Franzen first found out about the festival in 2003 when she held a lab project that took place on the beach. 2 pedestrians, who just happened to be walking by, were local marine biologists seeking to raise awareness of the effects pollution brings towards the ocean. Ms. Franzen explains, “they approached me and explained how the festival would host many other biologists and film makers in order to educate kids with ways to preserve the life in the ocean.” is what Ms. Franzen replied with as she was asked about how she was introduced to the event.

Ms. Franzen decided to bring her class, and has been attending every year since. The goal is for students to leave the festival with new information that has not been taught in class. Scientists and filmmakers spend hours on end filming these movies all around the world ranging from coral reefs in mexico and australia to the open ocean just off the coast of europe in order to help kids grow up with a love for the ocean and hopefully become marine biologists as well.

Students enjoy being able to see marine biology in a different way. Junior Rafael Opreza said,  “I think it’s a good experience for students because we are able to learn new things that haven’t been spoken about in the classroom… we were able to speak to different marine biologists and ask questions.” Junior Jessie Huang added, “The festival was a great experience. I was able to ask questions after each short film and the filmmakers were very open about everything.”


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