Starlight Cruise Not As Bright

By Cody Tieu

Galileo’s Boat Dance, “Starlight Cruise” satisfied the expectations of the Class of 2020, who hosted the dance, selling 270 tickets, which was held on March 16. While the officers for the Class of 2020 expected boat dance to be stressful, when the time came, it ran more smoothly than expected.

“We were worried about the tickets not being sold because during the first week, people weren’t buying them. We were also a little bit stressed out setting up the boat before letting people in,” said junior class treasurer, William Z.

Even though the dance overall was a success, the Class of 2020 did try to entice more people to go by having a flash sale, selling tickets 2 for $60, compared to 1 ticket for $35 without an ASB sticker during the first week they were sold.

While this did get more students to buy tickets, it also made some students upset after purchasing tickets the first week. Junior Ada W. said, “It was unfair that they did a last minute surprise 2 for $60 sale at the end of the second week when it would have been nice for them to have that sale earlier. I think that they would have sold more tickets if they had the deal earlier instead of last minute.  It’s more fun to have people going and paying the same price to be at the same place rather than having people pay different prices to have fun at the same place.”

Overall though, the number of tickets sold was not close to the number of tickets sold in the past years. One factor that played a part in fewer tickets being sold was rapper YG’s concert  happened to be on the same night. Coincidentally a similar situation happened with last year’s Boat Dance.

Junior class Activities Chairperson, Benny W. expresses frustration on others going to the YG concert instead of attending boat. He said, “I was expecting more people to attend boat since it was the seniors last boat dance. I was also expecting more juniors to attend to support their own class. I wish that the YG concert didn’t happen in the same day.”

Many students had a number of reasons for attending the concert instead. Senior Aadhar G. said, “I bought my boat ticket, but I resold it because I found out that YG tickets were not sold out yet. I knew boat wasn’t going to be as fun because of the previous years, so I had no hope for this year’s boat dance. I only bought my ticket because it’s my senior year and I was planning to go.”

While students had their reasons for not attending, many who were present felt the night was not worth their money’s worth. Senior Leo D. expressed his contempt for the music played. “I definitely tried to get my money’s worth, the DJ could have done way better. He didn’t play the right songs and there was a request list that didn’t even work, played songs for too long.

However, some students like senior, Meghan B. had some good things to say about the dance. “Unlike last year’s boat dance, there were snacks, water, and coat check were free of charge. Even though they didn’t play a lot of good songs, the company of my friends made up for it.”


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