Top 5 Stars of the Talent Show

By Vanessa Lei

For the first time, the entire Galileo Talent Show cast was able to perform for both assemblies on March 22nd. Normally, there are too many acts to fit into one assembly, and students only see certain acts depending on which assembly they attend, but this year the audience was able to enjoy everyone’s talent. Considering all of the talents from the show, through some careful observation and discussion, the Galileo press decided on our top 5 performances.

  1. Michelle L & Stephanie V
    Although there were a lot of dancers, what shined most about Michelle and Stephanie was their confidence and creativity with their dancing. Not only did they dance to the catchy songs “Plain Jane”, “Pick It Up”, and “Rockstar”, but they included a short skit. They complimented each other nicely and overall were a good duo.
  2. Jason and Grace H, reading Jason’s speech
    Jason’s speech was both inspirational and touching mentioned the hardships he’s been through and how he overcame those obstacles while encouraging others to push forward. Jason’s reading was beautiful, and everyone recognized what an achievement writing and reading his speech was. His speech moved everyone in the crowd as I heard the crowd say give a collective, “Awww”. I even have to admit that I teared up a little. 
  3. Sean Q and Deliany G
    Sean and Deliany wowed the audience with their soothing voices while hitting the high notes with their rendition of the song, “When The Party’s Over”. As Sean strummed the guitar, the duo harmonized together nicely.
  4. Daisy Y, Joie Z, Kelly L
    These ladies danced amazingly and passionately to “Thank U, Next”. They were so in sync with their routine as they looked like they hit every beat. I loved how their dance moves fit perfectly with the meaning of the song. 
  5. Derek Z
    Derek Z. proudly sang Ed Sheeran’s hit single, “Thinking Out Loud”. I enjoyed watching him sing as everyone held out their phones and turned on their flashlights. The crowd cheered him on, encouraging him to not be so anxious of the huge audience. He was caught off guard by the audiences’ kind gesture but finished off the song with confidence.

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