Lion’s Softball: Work in Progress

By Melanie Arriaga


With a young and inexperienced team that is going through growing pains, the Galileo softball team struggled against a strong Balboa offense on April 4th at Balboa Park, losing 20-5 in 4 innings. With the loss, the team dropped to 0-6 for the season in AAA division 1.  

The game was tough from the start for the Lions as the Buccaneers jumped out to a big lead right from the beginning. After the Lions didn’t score in the top of the 1st inning, Balboa jumped out to a huge lead, scoring 15 runs in the bottom of the 1st.

Although the Lions were down big, they continued to play hard. Senior Megan B. helped lead the Lions attack as she hit a 2-run RBI double. Along with Megan, seniors Sofia Z. and Sasha S. both had strong at bats that led to hits, in addition to Isabella I., who had a big hit early in the game.

“I think we could have done better by calming ourselves and not psyching  ourselves out” said senior captain Jackie A.

Despite their struggles, assistant coach, Mr. Cossey is still optimistic about the overall outlook for the team. He said, “ We are still new. We have a lot of young players that are playing, but if they continue to work hard in a few years we can be competitive.”  

Meaghan Balolong also gave her advice by saying    “ When you step on the field you always got to keep your mind sound”

1st inning

In the first inning galileo was set to swing while bal  pitched. With that being said in the first 5 minutes gal was not holding up so well with already 3 outs consecutively and missed swings. It was as if their spirit  was getting crushed with each pitch from balls pitcher but on the other hand Balboas pitcher was also struggling to have a consisted pitch, with some going high and ricocheting off the fence and some going low, hitting the players ankle or ground. After 10 min minutes Gal was still not able to make a home run, due to the fact most that of their swings were getting caught by balboas outfield players. This caused the coaches to show their frustration viva pointing at random places on the field and trying to get the team to follow their commands.  After a while Gal was set to pitch and that’s when things went downhill, Balboa had kept swinging and making home runs, one after another after another. Even though Gal made sure to cheer on their teammates on the sidelines it was of no use for their spirit was crushed with each swing and home run balboa took.

“I think we could have done better by calming ourselves and not sinking ourselves out” Jackie Avalos team captain  

After many tries of Gal trying to catch the finally did score some home runs but not as much as Balboa. In the end the score ended 5-20 with Gal scoring 5. The lost may have been due to the teams inexperienced players or the lack of determination.

It is  safe to say the coaches assistance Mr. Cossy was not fazed by the lost  saying, “ We are still new , we have a lot of young players that are leading the game. If they continue to work hard in a few years we can be competitive”.  In the end Lions tried their best and that is  what matters.


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