Star parties with Ms. Stollmeyer!

By Melanie Arriaga

While seeing the stars from the city can be a difficult task because of the weather and the city lights, Astronomy teacher, Ms. Stollmeyer, takes advantage of these rare opportunities by hosting star gazing parties, which take place near Galileo at Fort Mason Park near the Burton statue. Ms. Stollmeyer’s plans to host a star party once a month, the most recent one taking place on Friday April 13th where approximately 15 students ( including teachers) showed up to the park, eager to learn more about the stars.

Ms. Stollmeyer’s reason for hosting these star parties is very simple. She says,  “If you have an astronomy class the best way to learn about the stars is to see them. So we like to go outside and look at the stars for real. I think it definitely helps from the perspective of “You really can see the stars in San Francisco because most people don’t think you can.”

During the parties, Ms. Stollmeyer helps the students acquire knowledge about clearest formations, as well as certain patterns of stars and planets. She also makes sure to provide  students with excellent explanations and descriptions, of which constellation is which, and how and where to find them.

Many who go to the event say its an event that is captivating and “cool”, with some even saying it is “life changing”. Junior Angie P. states,“ I would recommend it to whoever is interested or to  whoever likes staying out late and having a reason too, or just wants to view the stars”. She also added, ”It was actually my first time going and I really thought it was going to be boring. I actually just went for extra credit, but I would go again because it was actually fun. She’s a cool teacher.”

Although Ms. Stollmeyer’s Astronomy class can go for extra credit, she also encourages students  from different classes to come too. In the future, Ms. Stollmeyer plans on making an outdoor club, which she plans to have field trips, hikes, outdoor activities and of course more star parties.

For more updates on the next star party, you can follow Ms.Stollmeyer’s Instagram – @ms_stollmeyer  


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